The new thriller by Claire Dickinson

City of Dark

The Paris catacombs.  The city’s subterranean shadow.  Hundreds of kilometers of underground tunnels.  A land of history and legend.  Where the underground explorer treads a fine line between reality and irreality.  Below the City of Light, this is the City of Dark.

Will Corrigan and Sadiqi’s knowledge of the world below allow them to stop the mayhem above?

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The story

Sadiqi’s investigation wasn’t going well. In a moment of uncharacteristic optimism, he’d hoped the catacombs would provide an ideal terrain for an investigation. After all, it was a completely restricted area with no civilians wandering around wiping away clues. The truth wasn’t quite so rosy.

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Reader comments

It’s the Paris I love, the Quartier Latin. The story is thrilling, and the characters are well encamped.


Told with some humour. Definitely worth reading.

Greb, on

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