By Jennifer Jackson / October 11, 2019

Paris is a city renowned for its haute couture and its gourmet cuisine. To Toni Corrigan, a grad student and self-proclaimed cataphile, Paris is her oyster waiting to be explored. With her own official access to the quarries granted through FranceTech, Toni can sate her exploring desire. Sadiqi, an inspector general with thorough knowledge of international terrorism, finds himself in pursuit of a new threat called the Nightingale. The cop and the student each follow the clues on their own and dive deeper down the rabbit hole. The small attacks are only the beginning…

City of Dark is a captivating contemporary thriller set in (and under) Paris. Fans of the city will feel an intense connection through the vivid descriptions throughout the novel. The story is incredibly complex with a dizzying array of motives and possible bad guys. Passion for the mystery enshrouding the catacombs makes the journey beneath exciting and a little frightening. The terrorism angle feels fresh and unexplored. If you enjoy a literary nail-biter, this novel is for you!

Claire Dickinson is a gifted and creative author. Buckle up and settle in for a 150 kilometer-per-hour under and above ground thrill ride. City of Dark will keep you guessing until the end!

***** (5-star rating)

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