John Moger Stories

Here is an irreverant voice from Canada: Stanley Lunan. I’ve known Stanley most of my life and have never been able to figure out why he’s not famous. The answer is probably simple: he’s ahead of his times. Not everyone can keep up his brand of acerbic humour. But what a fantastic sense of humour it is! Especially when you’re dealing with life’s BS. Stanley is that guy who makes you laugh when your world is falling apart. He’s the guy who made my whole family laugh that year the house burnt down on Christmas Eve (seriously). And man did he make us laugh.

And that’s exactly the kind of humour you’ll find in the Moger Stories, as John and Jane jump from one outrageous family disaster to the next, accompanied by their anthropomorphic friends, who are always there (not so much to help as to keep life interesting).

My favourite story has got to be “The Saints Be Praised, John Moger”, with “It Isn’t Whether You Win or Lose” a close second. And, of course, “The Mystery of the Merde la Chaise Cemetary” – the first City of Dark fan fiction ever!!!

Anyway, if you feel like plunging into a world of absurd catastrophes, make sure you check this out.

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