By Jennifer Jackson / October 11, 2019 Paris is a city renowned for its haute couture and its gourmet cuisine. To Toni Corrigan, a grad student and self-proclaimed cataphile, Paris is her oyster waiting to be explored. With her own official access to the quarries granted through FranceTech, Toni can sate her exploring desire. Sadiqi,Continue reading “ review”

The new thriller by C.H. Dickinson

Official site The Paris catacombs.  The city’s subterranean shadow.  Hundreds of kilometers of underground tunnels.  A land of history and legend.  Where the underground explorer treads a fine line between reality and irreality.  Below the City of Light, this is the City of Dark. As the top inspector on the counter-terror squad, Khalid Sadiqi thoughtContinue reading “The new thriller by C.H. Dickinson”